Advocator System® accepts E-Billing from all suppliers. In addition to electronic submission of formatted bills, an online Invoice Creation Tool feature is provided, in order to enable suppliers to enter and validate bills manually. All expenses or costs associated with a matter are managed consistently within a single repository.

Remove paper entirely from the billing process and ensure that this valuable data is retained and reportable. Enable best practice to be shared and ensure compliance against your corporate billing guidelines is maintained, with management reports that ensure visibility of guideline non-compliance.

LSG E-Billing

Utilizing worldwide electronic billing formats under the LEDES (Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard) ratified standards means that the technical entry costs for suppliers is virtually zero. By ensuring ease of use and providing convergence with the suppliers' time recording systems submitting an E-Bill into the Advocator System® couldn't be simpler.

Advocator System® will automatically identify any errors and omissions including, but not limited to, mathematical errors, incorrect billing rates, or duplicate entries. To speed and simplify the bill submission procedure for the submitter the system will correct certain errors automatically when the user approves the correction suggestion.

The E-Billing workflow and processing can be configured to suit the client's requirements. Any number of checks and balances may be utilised in the initial invoice review process.