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Aligning E-Discovery Solutions to Organizational Goals

An Interview with Gary R. Markham, President, LSG:

"Evaluate the size, shape and scope of the organization to look at what processes can be moved to an electronic environment, and investigate what solutions are available to support that," says Gary R. Markham, President of LSG. This would be a worthwhile exercise from a workforce and processing point of view, as there may be solutions to converge different processes or to plug efficiency gaps.

Markham shares his thoughts on creating efficiencies in legal processes.

What cost reduction strategies would you recommend to General Counsel?

Gary R. Markham: Cost-cutting is a major concern for General Counsel today as a reduction in the budget can have a negative impact on the legal department. Many Counsel are using too many vendors or software solutions to handle data, while others still have a paper-based process. An efficient system of handling all data in an electronic format can have a wide ranging impact on the organization, reducing costs in many areas, including regulatory compliance and litigation hold.

How can General Counsel ensure processes are aligned with organizational goals?

Gary R. Markham: General Counsel have to take stock of where the organization is today and where they wish to take it to. A gap analysis would help identify what they can change to achieve those goals.

We find many organizations with a case management system, whereby they manage some of the information electronically but not their billing, budgeting or planning for example. Fragmented systems are not efficient. Counsel have to assess which software is worth hanging on to or utilize cradle-to-grave solutions which collect data from a number of sources. This is especially important when managing outside Counsel and a network of legal departments and staff in different countries. They must maintain visibility and transparency across the different locations.

Many legal departments do not take the time to do front-end analysis of their requirements, processes and workflows. My message would be to evaluate the size, shape and scope of the organization or department, look at which processes can be moved to an electronic environment and investigate the market for the vendors who can support their organizational goals. When it comes to knowledge management, the electronic way is the only way that data can be pulled together and made sense of.

This interview excerpt is presented here courtesy of the marcus evans Corporate Counsel Summit 2011, taking place March 24 – 26 in Hollywood, FL. For the full interview and details, please follow the link below:
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