Control Your Supplier List with Panel Partnership

One of the biggest problems facing organizations is simply knowing who your suppliers are. Obtaining an accurate list where lines of business and departments have their own unique requirements can be challenging, to say the least. Should a list exist, how easy is it to access it? Is the list up-to-date? Who is the main supplier contact? Which suppliers give you the best value for your money? Which suppliers provide what services?

Businesses should know the answers to all these questions to ensure rapid, efficient, measurable procurement procedures resulting in expected outcomes, savings and an enhancement of internal and supplier relationships.

LSG's Panel Partnership provides a service that addresses all these concerns.

Panel Partnership

Both buyers and suppliers can use the service, the former to obtain appropriate suppliers for their requirements and the latter to advertise services to attract business.

Panel Partnership offers buyers the unique option to create and organize 'Panels' of suppliers that match the requirements for particular areas of their business. This can be on an expertise-oriented, preferred list, geographical or any other basis. Viewing details of the occupants of Panels is a simple, one-click process that displays information in an easy-to-read way, with links to enable direct contact, comparison with other suppliers, an expanded view of supplier information that includes Panel Partnership and client star ratings. In addition, the advanced Rateabase facility provides buyers with a powerful feature that displays market-based supplier rates along with options to filter by lines of business and timekeeper profiles. The 'Market Place' feature enables buyers to post service requirements to Panels, individual or selected groups of suppliers not currently a member of their Panels and/or filter by services required and location. Suppliers and buyers can communicate via a secure messaging service and both parties can see the trail of messages.

Suppliers can provide a complete profile of their professional services and details about their business that includes full contact details, key expertise, staff profiles, testimonials, location mapping, press releases, advertising options. Details can be updated at any time. They can see the Panels to which they belong.

LSG's Panel Partnership offers the unique facility for buyers and suppliers to meet and do business all in one place. The advantages for both are clear. Service requirements can be fulfilled quickly and easily, an understanding of who you are doing business with, a simplification of procurement procedures and an enhancement of relationships.

(Article By Philip Knight, Director of Programmes, LSG)
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