Gary R Markham


LSG breaks the mould on Legal Bill Review.

For too long customers have overpaid for LBR services which are charged as a % of the legal bill. This is unfair to the customer as they own the matter/claims dollars, not the LBR vendor.

LSG has launched its QuickLBR SaaS-based service which is priced on a per line item/unit basis. The net effect is more than 50% savings to the customer. Without affecting the quality or turn around times, LSG is applying machine learning and a level of AI, along with its team of experienced attorneys to deliver a night quality service to the customer, at less than half the cost.

For larger clients, this will mean several $$$$millions in savings per annum. A truly disruptive move by LSG will see customers paying for the actual work completed and no longer allowing LBR vendors to feed off the clients spend dollars.