Law Firm Services

Gaining a thorough understanding of your business comprising information gathered from past performance records, current activities and future projections is key to running a profitable and efficient organisation that is compliant with regulatory requirements. At LSG, we provide this information which we assemble from the data provided to us by suppliers. This helps in the assessment and supports the process of future decision making.

Our services include:

  • Data Cleansing and Completeness
  • Data Remediation
  • Providing Summarised Reports on Data Quality Trends
  • Recommend Respective Data Remediation Actions

Suppliers can submit their bills to LSG so they can be converted as per specific client requirements. This further benefits the suppliers by providing them a clearer understanding on their performance and see how they are trending. Hence, they shall undertake empowering business decisions such as better pricing, better budget structure, expenditure, etc and understand which aspects are causing them to gain and lose money respectively.

The data analysis is presented using various comprehendible visualisations and tables. This confirms previous business decisions and drives new ones, highlights outliers and fosters curiosity. Be it high level or granular, reporting provides information and notification that throw light on relevant details and provoke important questions to be addressed while filtering out unnecessary details.

Key benefits:

  • Validation of invoices against each client’s SLA prior to submission.
  • Analysing previous expenditure facilitates planning of future budget.
  • Data visualisation provides better understanding of key analytics.
  • Easy and quick production of specific reports