Legal Auditing

LBR Audit is a specialized service analyzing clients' law firm invoices and reporting the findings which help in taking informed business decisions concerning the client and their law firm. Our team of qualified and well-trained lawyers review and analyze law firm invoices. These invoices are typically reviewed and analyzed against the industry standards along with the Service Level Agreement and applicable billing guidelines to provide a comprehensive analysis.

Statistical Reports & Graphs

The statistical reports and graphs provided in the executive summary gives a greater visual projection of the analysis. Depending upon the type of assignments, the following key reports will be provided:

  • Law firms performance comparative analysis
  • Timekeeper performance comparative analysis
  • Multiple matter comparative analysis
  • Activity bill analysis
  • Expense bill analysis
  • Guidelines non-compliance analysis

LBR Audit - Pilot Project

We undertake LBR Audit Pilot Projects as a means to exhibit the quality and expertize of our LBR service along with some key benefits and advantages of utilizing our Litigation Spend Management Software.