Litigation & Legal Spend Management

Enterprise Litigation Management and Legal Spend Management is key to driving efficiency, knowledge and understanding, saving staff time and lowering claims costs. LSG provides solutions that include case assignment, budgeting, case planning, reserve management, e-billing and automated bill review and compliance monitoring. These facilities drive savings, improve claim and case handling procedures, empowering claim handlers to make better judgements and improve the closing ratio. Financial and management information reporting provides the framework for visibility, measurement and decision-making.


  • Instant knowledge and control
  • Savings
  • Driving best practices
  • Engendering positive behaviour
  • Better guideline compliance

For Insurers - Claims Litigation Management

Empowers management and Claim Handlers with tools that assist better claims closing ratio, decision-making, reducing staff effort and making savings. E-Invoicing, panel law firm management, off-panel assignments, budgeting and bill review are some of the benefits.

For TPAs - Claims Litigation Management

Simpler, faster handling of claims, producing a better claims closing ratio that improves cash flow and increased throughput. Savings through legal bill review and performance reports. Claim and general litigation can be managed and controlled effectively.

For Self-Insureds - Claims Litigation Management

Controls and protects reserves. Frees up staff. Facilitates best practice. Manage Claims litigation via TPAs, Workers Compensation and other liability claims. Ensure statutory regulation compliance.

For Self-Insureds - Claims & General Litigation Management

Manage efficiently and control spend via TPAs and in-house counsel. TPAs can manage claims litigation via a single platform. In-house counsel can manage counseling, patent, trademark etc. litigation.

For Corporate Legal Departments

Effective and efficient litigation and spend management with features such as case planning, litigation hold and e-documents. Law firm assignment, budgeting, eInvoicing support client/firm relationships and improve invoicing standards.