Mercury ELM Software

Mercury ELM is LSG’s latest development in its long history of pioneering impactful and cost-effective solutions for the legal industry.

Using the latest machine learning and AI capabilities, drawn from over 15 years of experience in data mining, Mercury Enterprise Legal Management is a new, ground-up application designed to offer an excellent user experience along with an appealing interface for enterprises looking to save costs through automated bill review, compliance monitoring, and more.

This first of its kind product will allow clients to seamlessly interact with outside counsel and share information amongst the internal legal and/or adjusting teams. Our "digital handshakes” take out emails, document attachments and other manual processes, replacing these with in-app interactivity and operability solutions giving instant knowledge and control.

By plugging Mercury ELM into your existing accounts payable, payments and other key existing IT infrastructure, our enterprise legal management solution presents a seamless platform in which to conduct all your legal management needs, saving you considerable amounts through reducing inefficiencies and unnecessary spend.

Mercury ELM Software

Beyond this, we provide a powerful set of data analytics, reports and user dashboards, along with form building on the fly, meaning that the users are constantly informed of progress, key deadlines and milestones to be met.

With full Microsoft Office Outlook integration, Mercury ELM represents the best of breed in enterprise legal management software. Get in touch with us for a product demonstration and more information.

Key Benefits

  • Supplier selection and case / matter assignments
  • Case and document management
  • Validated e-billing
  • Panel and rate management
  • Budgeting and case / matter planning
  • Automated bill review and compliance monitoring
  • Powerful reporting within Mercury ELM
  • ELM Data Analytics / Visualizations
  • Matter / claims and payment feeds
  • External supplier management
  • Machine learning saving

Key Features

  • Case/Matter Assignments
  • Budgeting and Case Planning
  • Legal Hold Management
  • Outlook Integration
  • E-Docs
  • E-Billing
  • Automated Bill Review (ABR) and Compliance Monitoring
  • Matter/Claims Payment Feeds
  • Security and Database Hosting
  • Financial and Management Information Reporting

Mercury ELM Software Demo

A personalized demo with a legal billing software advisor is the best way to see how Mercury ELM Software can improve your spend management.

Schedule your demo, or give us a call at +1 877 566 9574.

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