QuickLBR [Legal Bill Review] Service

LSG’s ground-breaking pricing model is not based on a % of legal spend! We charge per line item which is unit-based. The greater the number of line items, the lower the unit-price. On average, we can save 50% or more on bill review operational costs.

The service is delivered independently or into the clients existing platform infrastructure and plugs directly into any claims, matter management and e-billing software in place; via secure API.

QuickLBR is deployed via a fast-track method, which is seamless and least disruptive to claims and legal operations. Using a powerful LBR engine, the service offers short turn-around-times, high quality analysis and excellent financial results.


  • Costs and Pricing Structure

    LSG’s QuickLBR will save you at least 50% on your current bill review costs. Our pricing structure does not depend on the value of legal spend. We price this service on a unit-based method, chargeable by the line item count. Net effect is a significant operating costs savings to the customer.

  • Quality and Results

    LSG’s Quality Management System and ISO 9001 certifications mean that we operate within a framework of “Quality First”. The service also delivers consistent results equal to or greater than that of your current service provider.

  • Plug & Play

    The service is delivered via a Fast-Track deployment model, meaning that set-up and implementation are typically completed within a few weeks. The service can seamlessly plug and play into your existing ELM or other matter management workflows.

  • Flexibility and Integration

    Using API’s, we integrate with your claims or RIMIS to ensure no re-keying of data, in order to kick-start the bill review process. This flexible approach can also be used to feed approved e-bills directly into your AP/Finance system(s).

  • Machine Learning/Robotics/Automation

    LSG built and has utilized machine learning/robotics for more than a decade to drive accurate automation into the bill review processes. Turn around times, bill review accuracy and the highest levels of quality are attained and maintained. These, coupled with our SaaS technology enable us to minimize the cost of operation, which is passed on directly to our customers.