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What is Conveyancing Outsourcing?

Conveyancing in the UK is typically outsourced by conveyancing firms to third-parties, often located in countries such as India, the Phillipines, and elsewhere. This allows the conveyancing firm to keep overheads low while ensuring that the quality of their service is just as high, if not higher, than when going with a team of in-house conveyancers. Going in-house means larger overheads derived from the wages associated with maintaining a UK-based conveyancer team.

Outsourcing conveyancing, especially residential conveyancing, can help conveyancers grow their file count without adding extra overhead. A conveyancing outsourcing partner can function as an extension of your team, handling files with an equal or higher level of speed and quality as what is expected from in-house staff. Grow with the confidence that you can handle any incoming files.

Why Outsource Conveyancing?

Conveyancing firms that outsource enjoy a plethora of benefits. These include cost reductions and unhindered growth opportunities, but looking beyond that and at a few examples, outsourcing gives conveyancing firms exciting new avenues to explore. By lowering overheads, a conveyancing firm could reduce the fee of their service without impacting their profit, thus incentivizing more business, and thereby improving their overall revenues. At the same time, keeping their fees as is would mean an immediate improvement to a conveyancing firm’s bottom line when outsourcing and reducing overheads. Looking at it more generally, having an outsourcing partner available can allow a conveyancing firm with in-house conveyancers to grow without worrying about their ability to handle a growing file count. With a conveyancing partner on-call, growth is handled without worry.

How Can LSG Conveyancing Help?

LSG’s conveyancing team is led by professionally trained attorneys and specialists with the goal of delivering sustainable and demonstrable financial and business benefits to its clients. LSG’s conveyancing outsourcing team provides legal support services to conveyancing firms in the UK and uses the latest technology and infrastructure with a focus on security, reliability and scalability. LSG started its conveyancing operations in 2015, associating with leading conveyancing firms in UK, and has to date completed more than 20,000 transactions while maintaining a high level of service quality to its customers. If you’re interested in a testimonial, we’ve got plenty to share.

Our team can analyse and deal with all types of residential conveyancing cases, including freehold, leasehold, shared ownership, re-mortgage and transfer of equity. Our legal team is highly experienced in scrutinizing title documents, preparing title reports, and in processing mortgage offers and search results. Our lawyers are not only proficient analysts of the content of the law, but are also very familiar with a variety of case management systems (CMS) such as Proclaim, Visual Files, Red Bricks, Leap, Osprey and more. We remove time consuming administrative tasks from your conveyancers and free up your team to help you grow further.

You may be an established practice, seeking to strengthen your position, or an emerging firm keen to grow your customer base, or perhaps you are experiencing a rapid increase in conveyancing work. A strategic partnership with LSG’s conveyancing team will provide clear benefits.

Key Benefits of Conveyancing Outsourcing:

  • Cost Saving

    LSG Conveyancing offers tiered, fixed & competitive pricing for conveyancing transactions and offers volume discounts for bulk transactions. Cost savings can be up to 70% by outsourcing to us.

  • Faster Turnaround Time

    Complete tasks at a quick pace and in a qualitative manner, helping conveyancing firms complete transactions within 10-20 days.

  • Live Support

    We work as an extension of your department, directly under your supervision, and there will be a dedicated & separate team for each client.

  • Team of Experts

    We have a team of experts with a combined experience of 25 years, working dutifully to process conveyancing cases from start to end.

  • Fully Protected

    We safeguard our conveyancing firms from any loss, damage, liability or any claim due to the services provided by LSG Conveyancing.

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