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24/7 Client Support

We realize that client care after product implementation is a key part of the buying decision, and, a key part of client satisfaction. We strongly believe that high customer satisfaction supports further development of newer and more capable products allowing us to continue our strong market presence. We are committed to supply reliable, accurate and timely information to our clients.

Our client support programs provide adaptable and user friendly solutions. The following resources are available through our website.

  • Access to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Log Helpdesk support requests
  • Live Chat
  • Answers to issues and questions on interactive knowledge bases
  • 24/7 worldwide phone support
  • Training Videos
  • Detailed User Guides

With a variety of support options and choices, we'll help you find the support method that suits you most. Our Helpdesk experts will work hard to resolve your problems and are eager to give an accurate response as quickly as possible.


If you are not a current Advocator System® user or have forgotten your login details and would like support please complete the following.

If you are a current Advocator System® user please login using your login details and create a Helpdesk ticket via the Support tab.

For further information, please call or complete the automated form below.