Total Outcome Performance

TOP™ Framework

TOP analytics provides predictive and prescriptive information, feeding back into your operational framework to achieve maximum automation, avoidance of human errors and continuous improvement.

Our decade-long expertise in technology and consulting underlies the creation of this exceptional operational methodology.

You can redefine your operational procedures using the TOP Framework and achieve your business objectives confidently. With TOP, the essential functional touchpoints are identified and digitized with as much automation as possible to continually improve processes and provide informed data analytics.

Total Outcome Performance

TOP™ Methodology


  • Identification and impact analysis of the core functional action points
  • Prioritization of the functional elements
  • Digitization of essential data elements (the above steps are actioned in light of the core business objectives)


  • Workflow Optimization - generating data elements
  • Data Integration - delivering business intelligence
  • Functional Optimization - integrating business intelligence into the workflow


  • Workflow – rule-based processing of service and/or deliverables
  • Functional Actions - initiation, approval and replacement/removal


  • Human Actions with Artificial Intelligence: prescriptive analytics
  • Prompting human actions. i.e., Alerting individuals of opportunities, identifying alternative strategies and efficiencies for better informed decision making