About Case Management Software

LSG offers case management software for law firms within its Bilr legal software. This legal case management software allows you to create, edit, tag, and track your legal cases. As a cloud-based legal practice management platform, Bilr allows you to upload documents against your cases, record/bill time against those cases, track how much each attorney is billing per day in those cases and ultimately provide your law firm with a better means to "manage my case."

As a leading case management software company, LSG offers case management as a core tenet of our law firm practice management software suite. Through gamification of time tracking, for both billable and non-billable hours, Bilr increases your practice's billing compliance and billable hour count. Receive email notifications each day, week, month, quarter or year with a detailed data analytics report of whether your law firm is hitting its key performance indicators.

Case management software for lawyers is a crucial tool for any law firm, and with Bilr, we've aimed to create a system that's not only competitive within the growing world of legal technology, but also the general consumer technology minimum requirement set. That means beautiful design (UI), responsive user experience (UX), customizable functionality and other features that make Bilr one of the best case software systems available today.

Case Management Software Features

E-Document Upload/Download/Tagging/Search

Legal Calendaring

User Restrictions by Type (e.g. Partner vs. Associate)

Law Firm Financial Overview

Law Firm Invoice Tracking

Timekeeping (billable/non-billable/flat rate/per hour/discounted)

Client Management

Task Assignment & Gamification

Mobile Dictation

Desktop & Mobile Companion Application

Data Analytics & Reporting

Dashboards with Customization


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