LSG testimonial Xchanging

Xchanging identified a customer requirement for a platform to assist in the management of their expert spend. We took the decision to select a proven E-Billing product to complement our well established Fees Direct service to create a full end to end solution for the London insurance market. Following a rigorous supplier selection process, Advocator System® ELM was the only product that met our extensive E-Billing system requirements. LSG brought subject matter expertise and a well-established E-Billing tool to our partnership. Together we have developed and built a unique expert management solution for the London market.

Steve Reid
Service Development Director, Insurance,
Business Processing Services, Xchanging
LSG testimonial Brit

We wanted to replicate the billing guideline compliance process we use for our 'live' program of Advocator System® ELM on this historic claim. This required providing the invoices to LSG and then they conducted the review using Advocator System® ELM and their expert Bill Review team. I was very pleased with the detail and granularity of the report which enabled us to have a productive discussion with our external counsel. A successful outcome was achieved.

Paul Sewell
Group Chief Claims Technical Officer
Brit Global Specialty
LSG testimonial Gallagher bassett services

To further enhance our litigation management practices, we wanted a partner who could provide the level of service and tools necessary to be able to demonstrate real value to our clients. LSG has proved to be a capable firm committed to achieving results while recognizing the needs of both the law firms and our clients. These efforts have been supported by a high level of customer service and accessibility to their leadership and delivery team. There is a clear sense of partnership and willingness to provide the right solutions in the most appropriate manner.

John P. LaMacchia
Senior Vice President, Field Operations,
Gallagher Bassett Services. Inc.
LSG testimonial Arthur j gallagher

We looked around quite a bit when searching for a good fit with regard to E-Billing, matter management and document management. We decided on LSG and are extremely pleased with our decision. No conversion of this nature goes off without a few bumps, but LSG has been a great partner in attending to issues quickly and efficiently as they arise. Their flexible business approach, attention to detail and customer service orientation place them in a position to meet the needs of anyone with a need in this space. I highly recommend LSG.

Joe Tixier
Senior Counsel,
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co