About Matter Management Software

LSG offers matter management within its ExpenseCore Legal enterprise legal management software, which is ultimately a legal spend management platform. ExpenseCore Legal operates within Fortune 500 enterprises and large clients, and can handle legal document management, matter tracking, case management, litigation day reduction, data analytics, budgeting, calendaring, and 24/7 support.

As one of the best insurance software companies, LSG has grown the legal technology industry since its inception in 2004, and has offered over 4,000 law firms a version of the ExpenseCore Legal technology that exists today. Furthermore, with artificial intelligence (AI) baked in, LSG stands out as one of the best matter management software companies for the insurance management software market.

Matter Management Software Features

E-Document Assignment & Search

Law Firm & Lawyer Intelligent Assignment™

Legal Document Search

Bulk Document Upload

Bulk Document Download

User Document Audit Trail

Document Call To Action

Document Assignment



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