Corporate E-flyer

LSG is a leading ISO 9001:2015 software application and business process outsourcing company with a global network of offices in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. It specializes in the areas of procurement, supplier and litigation management.

The company delivers sustainable and demonstrable financial and business benefits for its clients via proprietary applications and support solutions. These solutions enable electronic procure-to-pay engagements to be facilitated in the general insurance, captive, claims, legal, banking, finance, mining, construction and energy industries. LSG serves clients in more than 50 countries.

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Mercury ELM

LSG’s MercuryTM ELM (Enterprise Legal Management) is a highly configurable Enterprise Legal Management technology solution that supports clients in managing their litigation, compliance and risk in a more systematic way. It has configurable features and data analytics that support improved litigation and legal spend management. We cater for Insurers, TPAs, corporate legal departments, self-insureds, loss adjusters and other suppliers. We help insurers to increase productivity, reduce costs, and achieve better claims outcomes, ultimately driving improvement to expense and combined loss ratios. We help corporate legal departments to collaborate and share information among internal team members and with outside counsel.

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Bilr Law Firm Services

Leveraging process automation, AI, machine learning and powerful data analytics to deliver revenue protection and profit margins to Law Firms.

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Data Analytics

As the success of any business, depends on the accuracy and timely availability of intelligence, data analytical solutions have become inevitable. Be it insurance or legal departments, the business intelligence solution from LSG can accumulate all the required data, process them and present in a visually appealing fashion.

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Take a smarter approach to Legal Bill Review!

Legal Bill Review (LBR) plays a vital role in litigation spend management through the review and analysis of law firm invoices against service level agreements. LSG's LBR team of qualified lawyers provide a comprehensive review of legal invoices across different jurisdictions, matter types and complexities.

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Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) Services

In-house and outside counsel is increasingly used for high value legal work enabling Legal Process Outsourcing firms to conduct more routine legal support and para-legal tasks.

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Guideline Compliance Review Process

As part of our live litigation and legal services management client programs, LSG provides Guideline Compliance Review services.

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