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Resolvr digitizes outdated and inefficient processes

Replace outdated paper, spreadsheet and PDF processes. Ensure compliance and increase productivity and profits.



Increases Revenue

Digital data streams and artificial intelligence optimizes expense allocation to increase our clients' profit margins.

Streamlines Communication

On-platform communication features for team members and vendors ensure efficient workflows and turnarounds.

Optimizes Operations

Removal of human manual processes eliminates the slow, labor intensive and error prone methods of the past.

Mitigates Misapportionment Risks

Resolvr ensures that client funds' expense allocation and apportionment is fully compliant with the Dodd-Frank Act.

Offers Complete Interoperability

Resolvr is able to seamlessly integrate with any platform or software that its client funds use through APIs.

Replaces Human Inefficiency

Resolvr reduces the need for human-manual tasks, which for a bank would mean millions in savings each year.

Satisfied clients across the globe
Trusted by some of the world’s largest brands.

We've had over 10 Fortune 500 clients.

Our clients have saved $1B+ in total.

100% of our clients have seen positive ROI.

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Our spend management and expense allocation software for funds digitizes outdated human-manual workflows

Digital environment

Resolvr removes the need for paper, spreadsheets and PDFs with a completely digital environment that incorporates all stakeholders.

Cooperative features

There are accounts reconciliation, oversight, and control mechanisms built in to ensure all stakeholders can share information and more before handing over to finance.

Compliance dashboard

The CCO and General Counsel receive access to a complete compliance dashboard, mitigating Dodd-Frank Act risks through complete fund transparency.

Fast integration

Any purchase of Resolvr comes with free premium integration support by our in-house experts. Integrate with any fund software.

How Resolvr came to be

Resolvr was conceived from a customer request delivered by a top 10 global hedge fund. Complex requirements drove the design process, and throughout 2017 we went through a series of system iterations, user acceptance testing and refinement with the client. This led to the creation of the Resolvr spend management and expense allocation software, delivered as a SaaS platform.


Average savings


Historic savings

  • 10+ year avg. PQE reviewers
  • End-to-end AP automation
  • Machine learning enabled
  • 24/7 customer support
  • $1.2B+ total client savings
  • 17 years in business

Meet Resolvr

Mitigate compliance risks

Resolvr ensures that client funds' expense allocation and apportionment is fully compliant with the Dodd-Frank Act, avoiding SEC misapportionment fines.

Automate and digitize processes

Resolvr automates outdated human-manual tasks that are costing you time and money. As an example, by using Resolvr, a bank could cut down This reads like an exaggeration. Would any bank have maybe 80,000 compliance staff?

Rein in outside counsel spend with legal bill review
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