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  • LSG
    Advocator System® ELM

    LSG Advocator System® ELM (Enterprise Legal Management) is a highly configurable Enterprise Legal Management technology platform that supports firms to manage their legal, compliance and risk in a more systematic way. It has configurable features that support improved litigation and legal spend management.

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  • LSG Enterprise Legal Solutions
    Legal Bill Review

    LSG Legal Bill Review (LBR) plays a vital role in litigation spend management through the review and analysis of law firm invoices against service level agreements . LSG's LBR team of qualified lawyers provide a comprehensive review of legal invoices across different jurisdictions, matter types and complexities.

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  • LSG Enterprise IT Legal Solutions
    ELM Data Analytics

    Business Intelligence is the key to understanding performance and trending and empowering business decisions. Data can be analysed and the results presented in a variety of ways to provide vital information that confirms previous and drives future business decisions, highlights outliers and fosters curiosity. Whether at a high-level or granular, reporting informs and notifies, bringing visibility to the complex and provoking important questions. Unwanted detail can be filtered out to provide answers to specific questions. Specific reports can be quickly and easily produced.

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  • LSG Legal IT Software

    Xchanging has a wealth of operational experience and controls in place to ensure that expert fees are appropriately and accurately handled.

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