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The LSG Product Suite

Find user-friendly software solutions & efficient outsourcing services that improve legal, insurance, and corporate operations.

Enterprise Legal Management

Manage matters, litigation, and outside counsel from a single dashboard with our enterprise legal management software, using predictive models and AI bill review.

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Predictive Analytics

Benefit from early warning by having high risk claims flagged for intervention, and understand trendlines and potentialities such as likelihood of accepting settlement.

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AI Bill Review

Our proprietary, in-house written AI, in conjunction with our highly experienced attorneys will review your legal invoices rapidly in real-time. Any non-compliant line items will be reduced or removed and all query resolution will be completed prior to finalization.

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Advanced AI-powered spend management and expense allocation software that automates time-consuming tasks, providing a faster and more convenient process.

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Advanced Cost Control For Corporate Finances

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LSG Platforms Use Artificial Intelligence

LSG has incorporated machine learning into our client applications for several years and we researched and tested for some time to find an appropriate AI/ML coding language for our legaltech platforms. These include Mercury® ELM, the Bilr™ time recording, billing and payments app and others in our extensive portfolio.

We settled on BERT, which provides a contextualized and continual learning process, constantly building accuracy and quality...

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Why w rk with LSG?

We are not a publicly listed company, but privately held, giving us much-needed flexibility to cater to the specific requirements of each and every client. Our fully customizable software solutions are powered by cutting-edge, in-house created AI to deliver unmatched precision and efficiency.

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To generate value for its clients, LSG is constantly innovating with new software solutions and services for legal practitioners, insurance agents and corporate companies.

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