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Legal Solutions Group, LSG, with its global footprints, has delivered $1.2 billion dollars in value to clients with its Legal Solutions and Al technology.

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The LSG product suite

We provide legal software solutions and outsourcing services for the insurance and legal industries.

Enterprise Legal Management

Manage matters, litigation and outside counsel from a single dashboard with our enterprise legal management software, using predictive models and AI bill review.

  • Assign and manage matters
  • Set budgets and track erosion
  • Monitor panel firm performance
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Predictive Analytics

Benefit from early warning by having high risk claims flagged for intervention, and understand trendlines and potentialities such as likelihood of accepting settlement.

  • Reduce ALAE by as much as 10%
  • Improve spend versus indemnity
  • Lower average days in litigation
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Legal Bill Review

Let our attorneys review your legal invoices in real-time, with any non-compliant line items reduced or removed, and all dispute resolution completed prior to finalization.

  • Reduce legal spend by 6-11%
  • Improve billing compliance
  • Access detailed spend reports
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Legal Practice Management Services

Free 30-minute consultation on how your firm

  • Records time

  • Produces invoices

  • Pre-screens/audits against client SLA/guidelines

  • Manages its receivables

  • Monitors attorney/timekeepers attainments to key financial targets/goals

  • Utilizes technology including data analytics

  • Plans to achieve its goals and growth ambitions

Why work with LSG?

We are not a publicly listed company, but privately held, giving us much needed flexibility to cater to the specific requirements of each and every client. Our legal software solutions are configurable and include leading tools such as predictive analytics.

Satisfied clients across the globe
Trusted by some of the world’s largest brands.

$1.2 billion dollars
in generated value

Professionals with 25+ years of expertise

10,000+ law firms
using e-billing portal

Reduce ALAE and legal operations spend with LSG

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To generate value for its clients, LSG is constantly innovating with new legal software solutions and services.

Certifiably Secure

LSG is ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and audited.

Track Record

LSG’s clients have achieved a total of $1.2B+ in cost value.

How LSG saved a top M&A brand acquisition firm $300K in 14 days

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How LSG saved a top 3 global P&C insurer 11.8% per invoice

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Manage matters and panel firms

Assign and manage matters throughout their entire life cycle, including litigation. Set matter budgets, monitor panel counsel performance, and more.

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Predict claim risks and likelihoods

Identify high value losses early, giving the ability to intervene with a favorable settlement offer prior to the claim becoming actively litigated and costly.

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Review legal bills for compliance

Enforce billing guidelines and reduce legal spend, reviewing legal invoices as they are received from outside counsel through the e-billing portal.

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