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Legal Solutions Group, LSG, operates across 50 countries with a 15+ year track record of having saved its clients over $1.2 billion dollars combined.

Our mission is to help companies around the world optimize their operations, reducing excessive legal spend and manual tasks.

- Gary Markham, LSG Chairman

Business Process Automation & Legal Software Solutions

The Legal Solutions Group Suite of Products & Services

Legal Bill Review

LSG's legal bill review and legal fee auditing services include the audit and analysis of law firm invoices, enforcing billing guidelines and achieving legal spend reduction of 6-11% per invoice.

  • Reduce legal spend
  • Improve billing compliance
  • Increase vendor transparency
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Mercury ELM Software

LSG's Mercury ELM software is an enterprise legal management software that helps insurers, claims, and TPAs contain and analyze costs within their respective legal departments.

  • Contain and reduce legal spend
  • Improve law firm transparency
  • Inform key business decisions
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ExpenseCore is a powerful expense management software solution that helps enterprises parse clean, digital invoice data from their suppliers, while automating bill review and processing.

  • Automate invoice processing
  • Reduce human-manual tasks
  • Improve invoice aging
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Gary Bilr

Legal Solutions Group’s Mission & Vision

Modernizing Operations & Generating Savings

Those that embrace change are thriving in this ever-changing world. LSG is innovating and leading the charge, and we can help you modernize your enterprise legal management, dramatically lowering costs and increasing your profit ceiling. Whether with legal bill review, ELM software, or expense management software — it is my promise to you that LSG has one goal; adding value and ROI.

Gary Markham
Founder & Chairman

About LSG

LSG Reduces Legal Operations Cost & Overall Legal Spend

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In the pursuit of cost savings for its clients, LSG is constantly innovating with new legal software solutions, with Mercury ELM and ExpenseCore being its two latest developments. LSG supports businesses in more than 50 countries across a variety of industries from insurance to some of the world's largest consumer brands.

Track Record

LSG’s clients have achieved a total of $1.2B+ in cost savings

Certifiably Secure

LSG is ISO 9001:2005 & ISO/IEC 27001 certified and audited

Experienced Staff

LSG’s team has centuries of experience combined

How LSG Saved A Top 10 Global Insurance Firm $522 Million

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How LSG Saved A Top 3 P&C Insurance Firm 11% Per Invoice

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Legal Spend Management Software

Legal Bill Review & Audit

LSG’s legal fee auditor team provides a comprehensive analysis and review of legal invoices across different jurisdictions, matter types, and complexities. Our outside counsel legal spend management software facilitates employees in the legal bill review process, analyzing and auditing legal bills while factoring in billing guidelines and agreements between the two parties. It also provides clients and data to see precise areas where they can push back and save money. Upon implementing legal fee auditing, a recent client has found an average of 11.8% savings per invoice, just as one example. Another of our clients saw savings of $522 million over the last four years with legal bill review.

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Mercury ELM Software

Enterprise Legal Management Software

Mercury ELM Software

Mercury ELM is LSG’s latest development in its long history of pioneering impactful and cost-effective software solutions for the legal industry.

Using the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, drawn from over 15 years of experience in data mining, Mercury ELM is a new, ground-up enterprise legal management software application designed to offer an excellent user experience along with an appealing interface for enterprises looking to save costs through automated legal bill review, compliance monitoring, matter management, litigation management, and more.

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Expense Management Software


ExpenseCore is an expense management software and automated invoice management solution. Using the software, businesses across a wide variety of industries can easily review, analyze and process incoming invoices from their vendors, and expense reports from staff, ensuring compliance to guidelines and general best practices while reducing the need for vast amounts of data entry and staff. ExpenseCore helps drive meaningful revenue improvements through a reduction in, or removal of, the bill review and invoice processing workflow in its entirety. In addition, the expense management software solution provides insightful data analytics that enable informed business decisions to be made.

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Legal Software Solutions Improving Profitability

Legal Solutions Group offers legal software that helps businesses around the world reduce legal operations costs and legal spend, e.g. outside counsel litigation spend. We deploy solutions such as legal bill review, vendor management software, enterprise legal management software and expense management software to automate inefficient human tasks and to improve profitability.

Reduces Cost & Increases Profit

- Benefit 01

Automates Tasks & Replaces FTEs

- Benefit 02

Provides In-Depth Analytics & Insight

- Benefit 03

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International Legal Software Provider

Legal Solutions Group Operates
Across 50 Different Countries

$1.2B+ Total Legal Spend Savings For Clients

LSG has saved its clients meaningful revenues utilizing solutions such as legal bill review and ELM software.

50+ Skilled Employees Working At LSG

The LSG team is spread across the world, with both remote workers and on-site staff in Miami and Kochi.

10+ Fortune 500 Clients Working With LSG

Throughout LSG’s history, there has been no shortage of big name clients, many of which on the Fortune 500 list.

15+ Years Of Operation Within LegalTech

LSG has been operational for over 15 years, growing into a multi-national business without external investment.

ISO 9001:2005 & ISO/IEC 27001 Certified

Secure Legal Software Solutions

LSG Legal E-billing for P and C Clients

Case Management Software

Law firm clients can utilize our legal case management software within our legal billing solution that enables law firms to create, edit, tag, and track legal cases. Our Bilr software provides law firms with the ability to upload documents against a case or matter, then provides in-depth timekeeping features to record and bill time against them, as well as the ability to track the effectiveness of your staff, ultimately providing your law firm with a better means to manage your legal cases.

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LSG Legal E-billing for TPAs

Document Management Software

Built into all of our legal software is a user-friendly document management software, designed to make storage and tracking of electronic documents (e-docs) easy and convenient. Tag your documents to make them searchable, and upload documents attributed against relevant matters and claims to compartmentalize relevance by subject matter. Being user friendly and cost effective, our document management software is adept at managing all of your e-doc requirements.

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LSG Legal E-billing for WC Clients

Matter Management Software

Law firm clients can utilize our legal billing and matter management software to improve their overall law practice management. With data analytics, timekeeping and eBilling built in, billable hours to accounts receivable statistics are measured and improved. As a LEDES compliant, user friendly and gamified platform, our legal billing and matter management software is designed to improve not only billing compliance, but also profit while maintaining positive client relations.

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LSG Legal Billing Services for Self-Insured

Legal Software Gamification

Gamification is built into all our legal software solutions, providing you with a means to track and incentivize staff effectivity through intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Set goal-based key performance indicators, either for teams or individuals, then track performance with visibility for both your staff and supervisors. Measure success based on metrics such as claims closed, litigation day reduction, hours billed, and similar — we can build in any metric that you want to measure your staff against.

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