About Legal Document Management Software

LSG offers legal document management software within its ExpenseCore Legal ELM software. This software for legal documents allows you to store, tag and track your legal documents. As a cloud-based legal document management platform, ExpenseCore Legal allows you to add on additional enterprise legal management tools, such as case management software, budgeting and legal calendaring.

As one of the legal document management companies, LSG offers document management as one component of a larger law firm software product offering. Included in this law firm management software are the following features: timekeeping software, legal billing software, legal calendaring, mycase alternatives, case management software, law firm data analytics, law firm reporting and notifications and other law firm management tools.

Legal Document Management Software Features

E-Document Assignment & Search

Legal Document Tagging

Legal Document Search

Bulk Document Upload

Bulk Document Download

User Document Audit Trail

Document Call To Action

Document Assignment



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