Experience unmatched savings of 6-11% annually by taking command of your financial strategy with AI, machine learning, and expert auditors combined.

Synergy of Artificial Intelligence And Business Acumen

More than savings, AI-bill review is a transformative financial approach to bring a paradigm shift in efficiency, transparency and modernity in corporate cost management. Our cutting-edge solution redefines how you handle vendors and external expenses.
Get the most accurate insights by comparing your firm's performance against state and national benchmarks. The data collected from countless litigation matters give you the most accurate insights and analytics reports that are accessible from any device.

Backed by machine learning, LSG's legal fee auditors meticulously identify instances of non-compliance, mathematical errors, and other issues. These flagged items undergo a second-layer human review during the legal bill assessment process. Only after this comprehensive review is completed is the invoice returned for either approval or appeal.

To date, LSG has saved its clients over $1.2 billion combined through AI-bill review services. Both annual bill review and one-off bill audit programs are available. Any program can be delivered through our automated platform, manually or through your existing system(s) if applicable.

Exclusive Features of AI-Bill Review

Cost Control

Take control of vendors and outside counsel costs to achieve an average yearly reduction of 6-11% in spending.

Real-Time Review

Incoming bills are reviewed in real-time, with the full process completed within 24 hours.


Vendors' metrics are compiled and can be compared to display performance information and provide insight.

Human Review

Benefit from the expertise of our legal team with an average post-qualification experience of 10 years.

Data Analytics

Savings, spending and compliance statistics are provided in live BI, drill-down data analytics reports.

Query Resolution

Invoice queries are resolved professionally and amicably by LSG's experienced staff on our resolution desk.

Guideline Audit

Billing guidelines are audited against industry best practices, identifying potential improvements and clarifications.

AP Automation

Streamline the entire process from receipt to review and approval, with finalized bills sent to AP via API, a highly secure data transfer method utilized by many financial institutions.



Time-Saving Processes

AI process automation saves valuable time for your corporate team by automating repetitive billing tasks.

Tailored Corporate Solutions

Access a tool specifically designed for corporate firms that offers specific features to overcome unique challenges.

Customizable Reporting

Get customized reports for your corporate requirements providing detailed insights and metrics to make informed decisions.

Dedicated Client Support

We ensure that your corporate team receives assistance for seamless integration & maintenance with AI-bill review services.

Corporate Cost Management with LSG

Unlike traditional legal fee auditors who charge a significant percentage (~2.5%) of each invoice, we provide a cost-effective solution that beats the price and performance of pre-existing vendors. Our flexible pricing models, including percentage cost, flat fee, and hybrid options, ensure mutual benefit in legal invoice review costs.

A top 3 global P&C insurer switched to LSG and enjoyed an additional 2.9% savings on each invoice, totalling 11.8% in savings—all this at affordable pricing compared to their previous vendors. It led to a remarkable 7xROI compared to the previous vendor's 3xROI resulting in a significantly higher bottom line profit improvement.

LSG has generated over $1.2B+ in value with AI-bill review services

We've achieved savings of over one billion dollars for global clients by reducing their legal spend with our AI-bill review and bill audit services, carried out by expert reviewer attorneys.

  • Fortune 500s

    Clients range from Coca-Cola to AT&T, Citgo and beyond.

  • 20+ specialists

    We have in-house lawyers and legal fee auditors.

  • Hybrid pricing

    We offer different pricing models, including flat fees.

  • ~32% max. savings

    Maximum historical savings, typically for smaller clients.

  • ~5% min. savings

    Minimum historical savings, typically for larger clients.

  • 6-11% avg. savings

    Average legal spend savings for all LSG clients combined.

LSG's Legal Fee Auditing Workflow

Take a look at the workflow graphic below for a view of how LSG deploys AI-bill review in live environments within the organizations we work with. We handle the end-to-end audited legal process, from legal invoice input and review, to invoice query resolution, and finally accounts payable

Satisfied Clients across the globe

Calculate & See How Much You Can Save

Use our calculator to learn how much your organization could save with our AI-bill review services. Insert rough annual legal spending and get an estimate of how much you save. We're confident in achieving excellent results at a cost-efficient price.

  • Control legal spend

    Reduce legal spending by 6-11% by enforcing SLA guidelines.

  • Improve vendor billing

    Increase billing compliance for vendors and suppliers.

  • Reduce review staff

    Outsource to LSG and reduce in-house staff requirements.

Current Spend Savings(%) Outcome
8% reduction in non-compliant billing
3% increased process efficiency
Total annual savings:
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Frequently asked questions

Legal fee auditing services are priced on a percentage of legal spend. We offer a net savings guarantee and price beat guarantee. This means that you are guaranteed to save money with LSG's legal fee auditing service, with cost reductions on pre-existing operations spend when switching from competitors or in-house to LSG.

Here's an overview of LSG vs. our competitors:
  • Bottomline Technologies - % of spend, e.g. 1.5-2%
  • LegalBillReview - % of spend, e.g. 1.5-2%
  • Wolters Kluwer - % of spend, e.g. 1.5-2%
  • LSG - guaranteed lower than competitors
We have had a legal bill review team, combined with an accompanying legal bill review software, for over a decade. This software has been implemented with various top companies around the world, ensuring maximum savings and near 100% compliant legal spend. The LSG legal bill review team utilizes this software, integrated with your incoming or pre-existing legal bills, and adjusts and approves invoices based on their compliance to agreed upon guidelines or SLAs with your suppliers and vendors. As an example, one of our insurance clients saved $522 million dollars over just three years using LSG's legal bill review service.
AI, or more aptly named machine learning (ML) for its use in legal bill review, compares newly submitted invoices against our proprietary database of invoices, which has already been processed by our legal bill review outsourcing team. If the newly submitted invoice has any line items that were previously rejected by a large portion of previously reviewed invoices, then machine learning would dictate a challenge to this legal spend. If this software does not detect non-compliant legal spend, then a recommendation is made to the human reviewer, the final sign off, that this invoice be approved as compliant.
LSG employs a best-of-breed legal bill review team, combined with a litigation management software to detect billing non-compliance, and areas where our clients are paying more than what's fair. A recent average invoice savings example is 12%, which means 12 cents of every dollar back in that client's pocket. We also implement our proprietary best practices library, which consistently generates a savings "alpha" on top of any client billing guidelines.
Legal bill review services can be dovetailed into litigation management software and enterprise legal management software. These software platforms maximize cost containment as it relates to legal spend, and reduce not only legal bill values, but also time costs with an in-house team. The relevant in-house operations/finance team can be redirected to higher value add tasks for the business, for example, revenue generation opportunities. This subject might not get you overly excited, but it is important. To give some context, our legal bill review and ELM software combination generated ~$122 million in savings per year, in legal expenses, for just one client.
Legal bill audit is the process of auditing an organization's legal spend to ensure billing compliance to service level agreements and billing guidelines. In other words, legal bill review and legal fee auditing services ensures that companies do not overpay their law firms, and/or law firm panels.

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