Legal Bill Review

Legal Bill Review (LBR) plays a vital role in litigation spend management through the review and analysis of law firm invoices against service level agreements. LSG's LBR team of qualified lawyers provide a comprehensive review of legal invoices across different jurisdictions, matter types and complexities.

The service can be used to review submitted invoices on clients’ systems or Advocator System® ELM for on-going litigation and/or for closed cases or matters. Our legal bill review services not only reduce the burden of meticulously reviewing "line items" of the legal invoice but also enable the client to take informed business decisions concerning litigation spend and supplier performance. Our LBR service is a flexible and customizable service which can be configured according to clients' requirements.

The primary focus of the LSG LBR team is to ensure adherence to billing terms agreed between client and suppliers in service level agreements, with the preservation of the good relationship between them always in mind. In addition to the billing terms, the attorneys will focus on other areas such as adhering to UTBMS global billing standards, avoiding block billing and vague descriptions etc., which ensures clarity and accuracy in the invoices. LBR plays a vital role in bringing maximum accuracy to statistical reports concerning litigation spend.

Key Features:

  • Invoice compliance against the client's Service Level Agreement or Billing Guidelines.
  • Delivers accurately validated invoices by correcting mathematical and other data such as "Timekeeper Rate", "Duplications", "Expenses Caps" and "Approval Requirements" etc.
  • Key reports such as law firm performance comparative analysis, Guideline Non-Compliance, activity bill and expense bill analysis are generated.

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