Cloud-based platform for centralized management of legal operations in enterprise lifecycle. The best AI-powered ELM software to reduce ALAE by 10% through intelligent process automation.

Mercury ELM Software: An Overview

Mercury ELM is a super-organized virtual assistant for your company's legal team. It allows you to keep all your legal tasks in one place. It can automatically assign the right people for each job, warn about potential legal issues before they become big problems, and keep a close eye on the budget to make sure the company is not overspending on legal matters.

Process automation is introduced in this software to streamline operations, which can save valuable time and resources.

Transform your business with the advanced tools needed for a modern and agile approach to enterprise legal management.

What Does Mercury ELM Software Do for Your Business?

Centralized Legal Operations

Control all legal aspects of your company in one place. It's a single platform offering a unified solution for a consolidated view of legal activities to enhance operational efficiency.

Lifecycle Management of Claims

You can manage the entire process of litigated claims from the First Notice of Loss (FNOL) through settlement. It ensures a systematic approach in a comprehensive manner.

Automated Adjuster Assignment

The software efficiently assigns adjusters based on historical performance metrics. It also automates the process to ensure the right expertise is applied to each claim.

Predictive Analytics

Get early warnings about high-value losses and make informed decisions. Incorporate data-driven insights by identifying patterns and trends the right way.

Reduction of ALAE

Your business can reduce ALAE by up to 10% through strategies like early settlement offers based on the likelihood of claimant acceptance—thereby minimizing the litigation period.

Real-Time Invoice Tracking

The e-billing portal will simplify the invoice review process. Get transparency and control in setting claim budgets and managing them effectively.

Experienced Legal Review

Benefit from the expertise of attorneys with 10+ years of experience who will review your incoming invoices against billing guidelines, invoice query resolutions, etc.

Data-Driven Metrics:

Gain a drill-down view of key metrics by category, geography, and stakeholder. You can track spending and stakeholder performance with real-time data analytics.



Save Money on Legal Costs

Mercury ELM makes sure the bills follow the rules. You can cut down on external legal costs by 10% with automatic flagging of faulty line items. Alternatively, entrust LSG's experienced 10+ year PQE attorneys for a thorough legal bill review.

Workflow Digitization

Mercury ELM promotes digitization by getting rid of boring, manual tasks that hinder adjusters and in-house counsel efficiency. It turns all the paperwork in legal cases into digital files. This means less hassle for your team and more efficiency.

Integrated In-App Litigation Handling

Eliminate the need for third-party tools like email to activate and communicate with panel counsel. You can manage the entire litigation and settlement process seamlessly within the software.

Strategic Panel Management

Manage panel composition, invite new firms, and set detailed matter budgets effortlessly. Monitor performance using qualitative metrics such as burn rates, success rates, and scorecards to get the best value for your money.

Modernize Legal Operations & Empower Adjusters

LSG's Mercury ELM is created for carriers, third-party admins and in-house legal departments looking to rein in legal spend and to streamline legal operations.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Project claim risk and litigation likelihoods, using the knowledge to improve decision-making.

  • Budgeting

    Request, approve and track claim budgets from panel counsel, all within the same dashboard.

  • Legal Hold

    Automatically notify partners and staff whenever data needs to be preserved due to litigation.

  • Matter Management

    Manage claims from start to end from a single platform, including panel and adjuster assignment.

  • Panel Management

    Onboard, manage and track panel firms' performance with scorecards and objective metrics.

  • Rate Management

    Track rate adjustment requests and approve new billing rates from within the platform.

  • E-Billing Portal

    Let panel counsel submit legal bills through the e-billing portal in LEDES (1998B thru XML 2.2) or other formats.

  • Case Planning

    Plan, track and communicate case strategy in-app, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned.

  • Real-Time Analytics

    Monitor key spend metrics and stakeholder performance with real-time, drill-down reports.

  • Legal Bill Review

    Let LSG's team of fee auditors review legal bills on your behalf, ensuring billing guidelines.

  • E-Documents

    Store, tag and track documents electronically, with instant access available across all devices.

  • 3rd-Party APIs

    Integrate with 3rd-party software such as Guidewire, QuickBooks and other common platforms.

Mercury Enterprise Legal Management Workflow

Take a look at the workflow graphic below for a view of how LSG deploys its legal operations platform for enterprise legal management needs.

Satisfied Clients across the globe

Learn how LSG saved a top 10 global carrier over $522M with mercury enterprise legal management.

We worked with one of the world's top insurance carriers to integrate our legal spend management solutions, including enterprise legal management software with legal bill review. Over just a 3 year period, we improved the carrier's metrics and generated value of over half a billion dollars in legal spend reduction.

  • Claims speed increase

    Reduced days per claim by 394 days, representing over a year

  • Legal spend savings

    Reduced outside counsel legal spend by $487M dollars

  • Employee reduction

    Reduced staff requirements by 492 full-time employees

    Frequently asked questions

    Key metrics we track and improve in Mercury ELM include: combined operating ratio, average litigation days, number of claim adjusters, files per adjuster, claim settlement amount etc. We have a number of proprietary metrics gathered over 15 years of servicing insurance companies.
    We price our software at a percentage amount of total legal spend, decreasing based on the number of spend a client has per year. Our rates are market leading.
    We have a number of Fortune 500 clients, insurance companies and TPAs using the Mercury ELM. We also have over 400 law firms interacting with the Mercury ELM software through our current mercury enterprise legal management clients.
    Typically, we have experienced savings of ~10% of legal spend through legal bill review & audit within Mercury ELM, and we have had clients see as high as 30% in savings. It all depends on how aggressive clients would like us to be with vendors, which we handle with our dedicated resolution desktop and vendor response team.
    Our mercury enterprise legal management software, Mercury ELM, gives clients an end-to-end overview of their litigation management, vendor management, claims management, and more. By providing key data within a collective platform accessible to authorized users within your organization, you can more easily take advantage of pre-existing information such as legal opinions used for previous, similar claims before commissioning a new legal opinion.

    In addition, you can also rein in excessive legal spend by seeing where money is being spent with keen, robust analytics as an anchor of your legal spend management strategy. In short, the benefit of our Mercury ELM is cost savings and increased transparency.
    Yes, our legal bill review & audit service can be integrated into your legal spend management strategy with Mercury ELM. This can save you an average of ~10% in outside counsel legal spend, with some clients having seen savings as high as 30% of their legal spend.

    If you've got a list of billing guidelines set out in your service level agreements with vendors, we'll review your incoming invoices for compliance, enforcing guidelines. This, in turn, reduces the overall review requirement and cost with time as your vendors will gradually conform to the guidelines set forth in the pre-determined agreements. If you need help creating a robust set of billing guidelines as a first step in the legal bill review process, we can also help with that.
    Yes, we utilize Microsoft's Power BI to provide robust analytics reports that directly plug into your incoming data stream. As your data changes, so does the report, enabling you to have a bird's eye overview of vendor management and legal spend management at all times. Leverage keen insight and data to inform your business decisions.

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