COVID-19 Lawsuit Waves: Increased Need for Legal Software

Published by Gary R. Markham on Oct 13, 2020

It is no surprise that the number of lawsuits in the nation has seen a spike due to COVID-19.

It did come as a bit of a surprise, however, when the number of COVID-19 related lawsuits dropped in August. Experts via believe that this is due to the fact that the peak in May simply represented the first wave of cases. It is highly likely that law firms will continue to see an influx of cases, especially where employment lawsuits are concerned. Unless a new law gets passed, people will keep taking action against COVID-19 in the workplace. The practice area with the most cases at this moment is insurance, but all across the board firm employees that are likely working from home are going to face (or are already facing) a massive influx of cases.

This general increase in litigation and remote work due to COVID-19 means that a solid digital platform can bring a lot of value to a firm. This value can be realized through the integration of software platforms for legal bill review and enterprise legal management

LSG’s sister company, aXpire, features a legal billing software platform available for any operating system on PC, as well iOS and Android on mobile. With Bilr, users can record billable time with voice activation using a companion timekeeping app. As a web-app, the software is easy to access and offers complete integration of LEDES formats and UTBMS e-billing codes, so users can easily create compliant invoices when e-billing clients. Furthermore, Bilr offers AI-based automated line item review to ensure billing compliance, which, when coupled with the voice-enabled timekeeping, can present users an average increase of 6-11% in realized revenues.

Insurance and law firms alike can realize greater efficiency and more effective spend management with the assistance of billing and enterprise management software, as it can provide a digitally accessible platform for employees to access all their necessary data and complete functional tasks.

It is imperative, now more than ever, for firms to reduce their legal spend and ensure billing compliance with the assistance of digital platforms to stay afloat amongst the tidal wave of cases coming their way.


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