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Legal Practice Management Services

LPMS – is LSG’s suite of tools, products and solutions to help target and address profitability issues at your firm.

From a consultative perspective, our approach is to map out where common problems lie and consider strategies and tactics that will drive best practice, especially in time recording, billing and accounts receivables.

LSG’s philosophy is continual improvement and its main drivers are aimed at improving law firm profitability. It’s all about the bottom line.

Through a process of visibility, control, education, driving positive change and accountability, we can provide tools and solutions that will remove inefficiencies and poor habits at the HQ, regional office, practice area and individual attorney/timekeeper level.

Solutions are broken down into three primary areas or buckets:



LPMS - Legal Practice Management Services


Understanding and comprehension of a situation and or a problem provides a backdrop against which to prioritize target areas of focus. That which will drive the biggest bang for the buck, so to speak.

This “soft” approach to analyzing workflows, business processes, operating models, existing technology and people issues lays down the basis upon which solutions may be best suited to address them.

Once a clear picture is documented, alongside key members of the firm’s team, LSG will offer suitable remedial services and or technologies, including a plan to execute on key deliverables.

The firm has the option at this stage to digest, pause and consider the proposal and its merits and benefits.

The firm has the option at this stage to digest, pause and consider the proposal and its merits and benefits.
  • Education on the importance of accurate and timely record keeping
  • Promote positive behavioral change towards consistency, across all attorneys/timekeepers through lite competition
  • Share how each and every attorney/timekeeper contributes to the profitability of the practice
  • The critical importance of the Finance and A/R function to the “financial health” of the firm
  • Credit, pro-bono and client credits – how this may affect your annual revenues and profitability
  • Enabling attorneys and timekeepers to be “self-governing” versus the “Big Brother” approach
  • Skin in the game – providing a bonus pool to non-partners that will promote profitability


Focusing primarily on time recording, billing and receivables, LSG can provide (inter alia):

  • E-billing – invoice formatting to suit client requirements, such as LEDES/UTBMS
  • Invoice prescreening – cleaning up any issues that may or are likely to arise under client bill review processing – fix it first
  • Internal auditing of time records and invoices to ensure attorneys and timekeepers are compliant against client guidelines
  • Billing and invoice processing – helping to streamline the invoice submission process in a timely manner – via multiple ELM’s or billing systems
  • Accounts receivable fine tuning – delivering what the client needs, in order to process the firm’s invoices in a timely manner – days aging


Can be implemented in conjunction with the above services in support

  • Data analytics – “helicopter analysis” across all offices, practice areas and attorneys/timekeepers of the firm – in order to measure attainment of time recording, billed time and A/R
  • Scraping, parsing and automation of creating machine readable data from unstructured documents – don’t waste time on rekeying data
  • Automated time recording pre-screening against client SLA/guidelines – teach your attorneys/timekeepers how to be better billers
  • AI-driven time recording – pulling task activity from your day to day working apps – desktop or mobile
  • Cloud-based time recording, invoicing and payments applications – move the firm into the 21st century
Drivers for change within the firm

Lack of accountability, driven by low levels of control due to poor visibility of attorney/timekeeper record keeping, time recording activity, along with a lack of timely submission of time records to finance/A/R and the resultant drop in A/R from fee-paying clients means that profitability is put at risk. The time is now to mitigate that risk.

Positive change needs to start at the beginning of the process, carry on through the middle and follow up towards the back end, or A/R.

Don’t wait until December 15th (Q4 for the partnership end of year accounting period) to realize that the firm will not make its numbers. The opportunity to inject solutions was lost nine months ago.

LSG is focused on law firm profitability and how best to achieve it.

Client-side solutions

LSG has worked with Fortune 100 clients since 2002, providing legal bill analytics and supporting technology, enterprise platforms.

To date, LSG has processed over $4bn in legal invoices for insurance companies, major retailers, oil and gas conglomerates, fast food chains and transport and logistics companies. The net results speak for themselves.

Our Mercury ELM (enterprise legal management) platform offers a fully featured matter, case, budgeting, billing, and data analytics solution to the fee paying client. Procurement and vendor management, including benchmarking and scorecards are just a few of the powerful functionalities.

Data analytics off the back of the end-to-end process, means that clients have 100% visibility of the operating model, workflows and processes that help drive greater efficiencies and end results.

Legal bill review is a process that began in the early to mid 1990’s – pre-technology, frameworks, or structure.

Since the advent of LEDES and UTBMS, the ability to measure the value, cost effectiveness and end results of law firms has increased dramatically. Litigation management is now a science.

Fee paying clients are much more attuned to the reality of cost containment, as relates to case and matter management and especially end results.

Mercury ELM

Mercury ELM is only one of a suite of tools that LSG has to offer the fee paying client.

Legal bill review


Data analytics

Vendor and Panel management


Key practice areas

Reporting and scorecards

Engagement and instruction selection

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